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Should I buy the correct cord or is that the problem? The G85 includes a bidirectional parallel port, but the big news is that the unit also comes with a fast USB connection as well. I downloaded the 60 mb driver. Do you have the latest drivers from HP. It sounds like a cartridge problem, not a paper feed problem.

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Pad – Lubricating felt pad C-shaped – Lubricates the carriage assembly as it moves across the carriage rod. Guide – Upper paper guide Hp g85 NOT include any attaching parts – Spring loaded flat plate that presses the media against the top of the feed roller assembly – Caution: If this hp g85 to restore the yellow, replace the color cartridge.

I doubt we would have 4 defective cartridges at one time. I get the report page but there hp g85 nothing printed under “Duration, Pages and V85 and I am told by the recipient that my fax was not received. Remove the screw in the vertical frame to the left of the belt hp g85. Overlay – Overlay unit which covers the control button or display english overlay onlycontrol panel or display sold seperately.

HP Officejet g85 All-in-One Printer series

V85 the service station motor by hp g85 one screw. Me too Bert- either HP is mal-producing carts due to high demand for carts or sitting in storage for long periods is making them react strangely – I even have gotten a few bad ones that are brand new, from reliable sources like Office Depot and Staples I have never gotten a fresh working cart hp g85 any brand from Walmart.

Thanks for the great instructions! One of the lugs is broken i. The power switch does not directly switch hp g85 power on and off.

There is a chance that the paper pusher is hp g85 broken. You will need to do the diassembly below to hp g85 at it. Wait for the carriage to appear then unplug the power. Gear Main – Paper pickup drive assembly – gear assembly located on right side of paper pickup assembly. If you like to work on mechanical stuff you can do the repair.

HP Officejet g85 All-in-One Printer series | HP® Customer Support

The paper jam if only one sheet getting stuck is due to the large rubber rollers in ho take out the filelr door with the knob in back or the duplexer if you have that and clean the three rubber rollers with a soft cloth with water, windex or even hp g85 alcohol. Disassembly Turn on the power. Spring – Rear hp g85 spring – Flexible axle for rear roller.

Bracket – Paper drive assembly bracket – Paper drive motor, cluster gear and the encoder PC board all mount to hp g85 item. My officejet G85 will not print in yellow, blue, green.

Servicing the G85 isn’t that big a deal once you get it disassembled. Their website still provides drivers for this model.

Hi, how can I adjust the attenuation settings as the machine is faxing too low a signal by about 2. Is there a comprehensive troubleshooting sheet for a case like hp g85

Roller – Rear roller Black – Between paper and rear paper guide. Please wait while we process your request. I can get inside and remove the back rollers based hp g85 instructions from you to earlier posts, hp g85 it is not obvious exactly where this slipping is occurring.

PC Magazine reviews HP OfficeJet G85

It then advises that the hp g85 jam g855 be cleared before operating the printer. When a page is printed and ejected, the end of the page is stil hp g85 on the front rollers. What should I do to correct this problem You either have a defective cartridge or contaminated contacts. Since then I can’t print anything because of this paper lifter problem. This is getting insane because I can’t print the alignment page and I can’t get some faxes to print.