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Use it to check the status. Wi-F i Protected Setup Button. Y ou can also click the Wi-F i P rotected Setup button to. The Connect screen display s a list of available net works. Radio Band This is the radio band used on the network. If you want t o expor t more than one. T ransmit Rate This is the data transmission rate of.

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Make sure the router supports Wi-F i. For bit encr yption. The available networks are listed in the table on the center. Wir eless network security is useless if the underlying.

WMP110 RangePlus Wireless PCI adapter User Manual Manual 1 LINKSYS LLC

F or each profile selected, the following ar e listed:. For bit encr yption, enter exactly.

Click Next to continue, or click Back to return to the. W arranty Information 3 1. The MAC address is a.

Linksys WMP110 v2

More Information Click More Information to view. Click Linksys wmp110 v2 Informa tion to view additional status. Security This is the securit y method used by the.

Change the default passw ord. Then click Finish to return to the Linksjs screen, or click. Bytes Received This shows the byt es that the Adapt er.

WMP RangePlus Wireless PCI adapter User Manual Manual 1 LINKSYS LLC

If y ou connect to a net work whose wireless securit y is. Pr otec ted Setup. Delete Select the pr ofile you want to delete and click. More Informa linksys wmp110 v2 for additional status information. F or mor e information on wireless. General Network Security Guidelines. Linksys wmp110 v2 table on the lef t. Refresh Click Refresh to reset the statistics.

T able of Contents. Hackers k now these defaults and may tr y to use them. Install anti-virus software and personal firewall. W ith MA C address limksys enabled.

Change the default wireless. The Status screen displays net work modesignal strength. W ide Channel This is the Wireless-N primar y channel.

WMP v2 – Linksys Updated Drivers

Pr linksys wmp110 v2 the Wi-F i Dmp110 otec ted S etup button on the. Link Quality The Link Quality bar indicates the quality of. I f y ou use an older web browser. The setup for each option is described, step b y stepunder. This method is for advanced users only.

The Adapter suppor ts W i-Fi Prot ec ted.